Driving a car is a complex task that requires good observations, decisions, and reactions, in a rapidly changing environment. Any loss of these skills due to illness, disability, accident or the aging process can affect driving safety.

Identifying ‘at risk’ drivers and assisting them to compensate for their difficulties where possible presents a challenge for the driver, their family, licensing authorities and health care practitioners.

By completing the Driver Rehabilitation Training for Driving Instructors course conducted by the University of Sydney and working in close partnership with local occupational therapists, Martin is qualified and experienced to conduct practical assessments to determine fitness for driving and facilitate return to safe, legal and independent driving where possible.

Martin works closely with local occupational therapists who conduct assessments as required & is experienced in providing lessons for:

  • People learning to driving with modifications
  • Teaching driving techniques to compensate for disability impairments
  • Enabling programs for people with anxiety
  • Preparing Senior drivers for NSW/Vic Roads Medical Review driver assessments and Occupational Therapy Driver assessments
  • Having “The Talk” About Driving
  • Is It Time to Give Up Driving?
  • How Will You Get Around?