Fun & Interesting Stuff

for Learner Drivers, Mums & Dads and Supervising Drivers.

Graduated Licensing System - The new driving license system explained in detail. Great site with great info.

Practice licence tests - Learn all about your tests

Tips to get your licence in NSW-actual RTA testing officers give excellent advice about eliminating mistakes, calming those nerves and getting some perspective on the dreaded reverse park, so that you’re fully prepared on the day.

120 hours of driving - Necessary?

Drive Test Criteria - MUST read for all those doing their driving test-What will I pass or fail on?

Books & Publications - Vic Roads Books & Publications

Daily Road Toll update - Shocking info - be aware

Safer Driver tips

RACV - Great info for anything related to driving

FREE to go - Free2go is the latest initiative brought to you by RACV. It's a motoring assistance program developed especially for young Victorians who are new to the road. In other words, people just like you!

Obey the Yellow - Rules about the yellow lines near tram tracks....

L-Site - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LEARNING TO DRIVE - a new site for learners, pre-learners and supervisors. A must to visit.

How safe is your car? - A must site to visit before you buy your car.

Blind spots when driving - A MUST see for any learner to understand that all cars have blind spots - and how to learn to overcome them!

How To Check Car Basics Inside The Car - Great clip to get you comfortable with what needs to be checked.

Texting Whilst Driving - Texting may kill! Illegal and irresponsible. Don't do it!!

The dangers of texting & driving

How to safely navigate roundabouts - Video

Road Rules - Not sure about the road rules, check out Vic Roads website